An-Najah's Faculty of Islamic Law in cooperation with Bethlehem Bible ‎College recently launched the Palestinian Academic Alliance for Interfaith ‎Dialogue. The initiation of the idea came from Dr. Amjad Abu El-Ezz, ‎Lecturer at the Political Science Department of An-Najah's ‎Faculty of ‎Economics and Social Studies. ‎

Dr. Abu El-Ezz mentioned that the initiative is the first of its kind in Palestine and aims to promote civil peace in ‎Palestine by creating real opportunities for communication between ‎academics in Islamic law and theology to work together on changing ‎misperceptions on both sides, strengthening brotherhood and rejecting ‎extremism and racism, and creating a solid foundation for discussing ‎fundamental ideas of interest to Christianity and Islam.

Dr. Jamal Al-Kilani, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Law at An-Najah ‎talked about the concept of interfaith dialogue in general and from an Islamic ‎perspective. He stressed the importance of holding such ‎events with the aim of rejecting violence, ethnic, racial discrimination, and ‎terrorism. ‎

In turn, Dr. Munther Isaac, the Academic Dean at Bethlehem Bible ‎College thanked An-Najah University for hosting the event. He pointed ‎out that there is an urgent need to open channels of communication ‎between members of the same community at a time when religion is ‎exploited for political reasons and spreading discrimination. He added: "‎the challenge before us is how to contribute, as academics in theology and ‎Sharia, in spreading a culture of peace, justice, civil peace and renounce ‎extremism and racism. ‎"

The forum ‎resulted in a number of recommendations, most important of ‎which is forming a committee to draft the internal system and structure of ‎the initiative. Participants also agreed on a number of themes and topics of ‎discussion for the next meeting that will be held at Bethlehem Bible ‎College.

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