The department of Sharia & Islamic Banks was founded in 2006 at An-Najah National University. The faculty realized the importance of Islamic Economic and Islamic Banking in modern times, especially in the Palestinian community which is in need of this field of study. The department provides BAs in Sharia and Islamic Banking, and the courses it provides vary in order to produce graduates who are competent in the basics of Islamic and Non-Islamic Economy and in Jurisprudence of Contemporary Financial Transactions.

The Islamic law includes a distinct economic and banking system as it achieves justice in distribution and the best exploitation of economic resources and offers solutions to all problems of life, in different spheres.
The Shariah and Islamic Banking Programme aims at supplying the labour market with qualified graduates in the fields of finance, economics, contemporary financial transaction and banking.

The programme aims at:

  • Producing graduates with the following characteristics:
    • To be proud of their religion, culture, civilization and nation
    • To be a good example for others
    • To have a strong background in their specialization and a broad knowledge of a variety of topics in the Islamic law
    • To be well-qualified in their specialization to match the labour market’s needs
  • Supplying the labour market with qualified graduates and experts to work in Islamic financial institutions
  • Producing competent graduates who are able to offer Islamic solutions and alternatives in the fields of Islamic Economics, Islamic Banks and contemporary financial transactions
  • Spreading awareness of the role of the Islamic law in offering solutions for all contemporary problems that communities encounter
  • Communicating with academic and economic institutions and universities in Palestine and abroad for the exchange of experiences in a variety of topics in the Islamic law
  • Developing a set of positive values such as respect for human rights

The Quality Assurance Committee of the Shariah & Islamic Banks aims at developing the adopted teaching and assessment methods, following up the accredited study plan, the quality of exams and graduates’ affairs as well as reviewing courses’ content and description.

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Ayman Al-Dabbagh
  • Dr. Mahmoud Irshaid
  • Mr. Alaa Razia

Head of Department of Sharia & Islamic Banks 
Dr. Alaa Razia

Tel: 2553
Email: [email protected]